4SIGHT Enables Major Products to Double Manufacturing Throughput to Support Strategic Growth

WAYNE, N.J.Nov. 30, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — 4SIGHT Supply Chain Group, a leading supply chain consulting, engineering, and IT services provider, today announced the success of its long-term partnership with Major Products. Based in Little Ferry, New Jersey, Major is a global manufacturer of high-quality stocks and sauces for the restaurant and food products industry. 4SIGHT experts worked closely with the Major team to complete an operations assessmentfacility layout optimization, and workforce management improvements. These enhancements have enabled Major to handle twice the volume of orders in keeping with FDA and USDA regulations without adding costly infrastructure.

“I’m so proud of the work our team has accomplished with 4SIGHT’s expertise and guidance, and the remarkable results speak for themselves,” said Valerie Leimer, Chief Operating Officer, Major Products. “We’ve been able to serve our growing customer base flawlessly through the continued improvements at our New Jersey facility, and we’re now well positioned to handle additional growth. It’s an exciting time for our business.”

4SIGHT began working with Major in 2011 to help the company optimize all aspects of its three-building campus to keep pace with escalating order volumes as well as stringent food safety requirements. The initial operations assessment and layout project established an effective blueprint to allow Major to grow its business substantially leveraging the existing space. 4SIGHT also suggested changes to the flow of raw materials that increased productivity and production on filling lines.

More recently, 4SIGHT worked with the Major leadership team to improve several production area layouts and to implement workforce performance metrics and reporting to pave the way for better labor utilization. 4SIGHT mapped out new workforce management practices to enable Major to streamline all employee tasks, enabling the team to accomplish more work in less time. This has helped the company keep up with the rapidly increasing minimum wage in New Jersey as well as its own steadily rising order volumes. Major Products and 4SIGHT will continue to partner to improve equipment and labor efficiency as well as design support for an expansion of the Las Vegas production and warehouse facility.

“We’ve been so impressed with the diligence and commitment of the entire Major Products team over the years as we’ve steadily optimized many aspects of their production and warehousing operations,” said Frank Camean, President & CEO, 4SIGHT. “Their success is a testament to the significant value of our partnership over the last 10+ years and the strategic vision their leadership has set out for the company.”

About Major Products

Major is a third-generation, family-owned and operated manufacturer of Flavor Systems, Soup Bases, Gravies, Bouillon, and Sauce Mixes. Founded in 1951, they are headquartered in Little Ferry, New Jersey, with West Coast facilities located in Las Vegas, Nevada. Partnering with some of the largest distribution networks and contract manufacturers, Major services customers in all 50 states and internationally. Please visit majorproducts.com for more information.

About 4SIGHT Supply Chain Group

4SIGHT specializes in supply chain consulting, engineering, and information technology. Our seasoned professionals average more than 19 years of experience helping companies across all industries solve their distribution, fulfillment, and transportation challenges. As a testament to the value our clients place on our expertise, experience, and integrity, 4SIGHT has received multiple industry awards. For more information, please email us at in4mation@go4sight.com or call 973-435-0025. On the web: go4sight.com.

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