Our Team

Dan DeRose


Dan DeRose III

Dan serves as the Major Products President, carrying on over seven decades of the DeRose family legacy and guiding the company into the future. As a member of the family that built Major Products from the ground up, Dan has a lifetime of experience working in all aspects of the business, beginning as a high school student working part-time during the summers and over school breaks. After graduating from the University of Richmond in 2002, Dan returned to Major Products and learned the ins and outs of the company, working his way up to eventually take over the role of President in 2010, following in his father Dan DeRose Jr.’s footsteps.  

With a breadth and depth of experience that can only come from hands-on involvement with every facet of the business, Dan has helped to develop Major Products into the collaborative, innovative, and successful company that it is today. Throughout his career at Major Products, Dan has worked in a wide variety of departments, including production and sales, and he now leads the company in an administrative capacity as President. With this in-depth knowledge about all aspects of Major Products, Dan understands exactly how the company works, from the inner workings of each team to the machines on the manufacturing floor. Today, his focus for Major Products includes fostering collaboration between teams and further empowering his employees.