Foodservice Distributors

Comprehensive Approach to Growing Your Business  

We know that foodservice distributors face a unique set of challenges thanks to the complex nature of your business. You play an integral role delivering food and supplies to a diverse group of foodservice operators on very short notice. To make this happen, every member of your team, from procurement and warehousing to transportation, sales, and marketing, needs to work together to provide a high level of service in a very competitive landscape. As part of your team, you rely on your suppliers to keep pace every step of the way, and Major Products welcomes the opportunity to be your partner and supplier in the soup base and gravy categories.

Our team here at Major Products is ready to support you in all areas of your business, enabling you to provide your customers with a great experience. Whether you’re working with our chicken stock or our seafood base, product education is the cornerstone of category leadership, and our knowledgeable team will prepare your sales staff with the information they need to close deals. We provide category expertise to assist your purchasing team in finding the correct mix of products and the appropriate quality tiers for your customers. Plus, we’ll help support your marketing efforts with the customized content you need to set you apart from the competition. 

Another benefit of working with Major Products is our coast-to-coast capabilities, thanks to our production facilities in Las Vegas and New Jersey. With our group of experts at your disposal and manufacturing facilities on both the East Coast and the West Coast, you can rely on Major Products to provide both local and national distribution. Please contact us today to learn how a partnership with us can help you grow your foodservice distribution business.