Foodservice Operators

Independent Restaurants and Bars — Let Your Food Speak for Itself 

Stellar ambiance, atmosphere, and entertainment are all important ingredients of an excellent restaurant or bar, but the heart and soul of any restaurant-related business is undoubtedly its food. Whether you run a casual eatery, a luxurious five-star restaurant, or an all-you-can-eat buffet, serving high-quality food each and every day is the most important and effective way to earn repeat customers and all-important rave reviews. We’re here to help you build your business and solidify your reputation as an all-star establishment by improving your menu with the best ingredients and flavors, all based on our stocks, sauces, and bases. These ingredients lay the foundation for great food and an excellent guest experience. Please contact our sales team to learn more about how Major Products can help your business and enhance your menu.

Hotels and Hospitality — A Home-Away-From-Home-Cooked Meal 

Booking a hotel stay is an investment, and each night away is an opportunity to create a unique experience for your guests. Your hotel guests are looking for an escape from their everyday life, and by creating an atmosphere and new environment that makes your visitors feel valued and pampered, you can show off the traditional hospitality you and your team are masters of. While your location’s decor and location are important elements of a great hotel stay, food is another important part of creating a memorable experience for your guests. 

How can you ensure that each and every guest has a delicious meal along with their stay? Whether your establishment offers typical dinner fare or elegant cuisine, our high-quality, flavorful range of stocks, bases, and sauces add depth of flavor and delicious complexity to every meal. We’re ready to help you achieve the consistency and quality your menus require. Ready to get started with a manufacturing partner that can help you make it happen? Get in touch with our team to learn more about how our line of products can help meet your needs.  

Corporate Dining and Contract Caterers — Serve Up a Special Occasion

Creating a new menu on a daily or weekly basis can be exhausting, and finding new choices that are both appealing and appetizing is one of the greatest challenges of being a contract caterer. Although menu planning and meal preparation can be time-consuming, you don’t have to sacrifice creativity. Our line of flavorful, delicious bases, sauce mixes, and gravies will stir up your sense of inspiration to help you create imaginative new offerings to please the palates of your clients. Whether you are looking for cleaner products or want to create something new, Major Products can help you achieve your goals. Interested in learning more? Simply contact us to speak with a friendly member of our team, and we can work together to help you achieve your vision.

Education and Institutions — The Head of the Class in Foodservice 

When creating school meals, emphasis is typically placed on nutrition and value, often leading to a sacrifice in taste. Still, it’s possible to add additional creativity, convenience, and choices to your menu offerings, all without sacrificing quality. How? By using our economical and delicious bases and gravies. Your students have discerning tastes, and many are trying to avoid ingredients like MSG, or are interested in gluten-free choices. We can help you meet their needs and even assist you in getting more cooking done in less time and at a reasonable cost, all while making mealtimes more enjoyable at your college, university or grade school. With Major Products as your supplier of stocks, sauces, and bases, you’ll be on your way to new and improved menu options in no time. Whatever your needs, Major Products has done our homework, and we have the products you are looking for. Learn more by getting in touch with a member of our friendly, helpful team today.  

Hospitals and Healthcare — Flavor Does a Body Good 

Due to the circumstances involved, a hospital stay is almost always an unexpected, stressful experience.  Fortunately, the quality and taste of your food does not have to add additional worry and negativity to the experience. Bring some comfort to your patients with meals that are healthy and meet dietary requirements without sacrificing flavor and quality. As a manufacturer of delicious, high-quality stocks, sauces, and bases, our portfolio of products for broths, soups, and gravies features a variety of natural, clean-label items, making them ideal for use in food prepared for any patient. We’ll help you meet the needs of both your budget and your patients with quality meals that will add flavor and comfort to their stay in your hospital or healthcare facility. Contact us today for samples and product information. 

Cruise, Leisure, and Recreation — Relaxation in Food Prep Operation 

As a part of the leisure and recreation industry, your job is to create one-of-a-kind experiences for the enjoyment of your guests. As a supplier of quality stocks, sauces, and bases, ours is to help you identify the best options for food selections to complement your business. Whether you’re operating a luxury cruise line, running an amusement park, or hosting sporting events, we’d be happy to collaborate with you to plan a menu that perfectly complements your business or event and can help you develop unique menus using our wide range of flavorful products across a variety of proteins, including chicken stock, beef stock, vegetable stock, pork stock, or seafood stock. We have a wealth of experience with developing unique, customized products that have the power to enhance your operations and events. Our team wants to know your challenges so we can help you find the perfect solutions. Ready to get started? Contact us today to learn more from a friendly member of our team.